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The first thing you should do is schedule a couple of consultations with a couple of different lasik offices in your location. The reason that I saw a couple is to ensure that you don't go to the place that is going to treat you like a prospective car buyer and tell you anything you want to hear so that they can get your cash. None of us can tell you if you would be a good candidate. Only a licensed Lasik doctor can tell you that for sure. Most Lasik offices offer a free consultation, no strings attached. That being said, make sure that the places you choose offer the surgery for a couple thousand dollars per eye. Just remember the saying, "You get what you pay for." These are your eyes you are talking about and, if you go to a cheap doctor where you pay only a few hundred dollars, no offense, but you have only yourself to blame if you go blind. I call places like that that offer a discount, Lasik Chop Shops.
As for the need for reading glasses post-lasik...I don't know about that. I don't need them yet but, I am only a year and almost 5 months post-op. But, from what I understand, everyone needs reading glasses when they get older. You eyes naturally reverse. But, that being said, I can't say that that is the case or is not the case for people who have had Lasik. It may have been the case a few or more years ago and may not be the case now. But, even if it is the case now, you were probably going to end up needing them in the future anyway so, there really is no difference.
As for the one eye correction...I think you are referring to the procedure that some people have done to correct the Presbyopia (which is what I think they call the need for reading glasses). I can't remember since it has been over a year since I did all of my research on the entire lasik experience before I decided to have my surgery. Anyway, what they do is correct one eye for distance and either leave the other eye so that it will focus for the close-up stuff leaving the other eye to focus for the distance stuff, or they fix the other eye so that it does focus on the near stuff. I wish I could help you more but, I have an extremely poor memory. Seriously, it still boggles my mind how I can remember the date of my surgery and what I wore that day but, I can't remember all the technical stuff I learned before my surgery! Hehehehe!

Anyway, first things first. Go have a couple consultations. If even one of them says you aren't a good candidate, you might reconsider. But, only a licensed lasik doc can tell you for sure!

Take care and keep in touch!

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