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Hi, Sara

I was told that too about the nerve damage. It appears it may be two-pronged... They just aren't really sure. But from everything i have researched we should be back to feeling pre-surgery by 6 months. A few reports have said it could take a year. I think it is very uncommon for it to take alot longer than that or be permanent. This week i started using Theratears Liquigel almost exclusively and I have been more comfortable. Still have to use it every two hours though. For me my left eye is the one that bothers me and the right feels almost normal. I told my husband I think I can make it for 6 months to a year if i know it will go away and if i have drops that actually make me comfortable. It's going to be a hard year though if I have too many weeks like last week. No matter how often I was dropping I wasn't getting much relief. I was using Tears Naturale mostly. I guess that drop isn't viscous enough for me. The theratears liquigel is very comfortable, but it also makes my eyes blurry for at least 20 minutes. Oh well, rather have that and not feel dry. I might request punctal plugs when I go in this next Thursday. It appears that many docs automatically do this at the time of the surgery because so many people have the dry eye problem.

Glad to hear an update from you. Hang in there and try and stay positive. I know its frustrating, but we don't want to let regret even be in our minds at this point.

Keep in touch.


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