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Very interesting...thanks for the report. Recently, you answered one of my posts and i was trying to find it to answer you...i think it was related to what test my physician used in order to determine why my right eye felt dry. (had regular lasik surgery May 11, 2006) and after 5 wks. still have a dry right eye. Left is pretty O.K. maybe a bit dry at times but i certainly can live with it. If the above was your question , i do not know what kind of test they used to determine that i had a dry eye. But i can tell you that their tests did not show i have a dry eye, no dry patches but although their test cannot clinically pick up dry eye, your eye according the docs can still be dry. I just completed a week of Tobradex, and it actually helped with some itching and dry eye but was told cannot use to much Tobradex. Doc recently placed a plug in my lower lid....not sure if helping but it is not irriating to me so will keep in. I use bion tears and somethimes Refresh Celluvisc when my eye drive me crazy.
If i know all would be O.K. by the 6 month i would not be so anxious.............are you beginning to question if having this surgery was a smart move? I know i am...........but at the same time i really try to be positive. After all...about 15 of my co-workers had this surgery from the best physican in the couny and everyone feels great!!!!!!
Again..thanks for the article. I was told that the reason for the dryness was the cutting of the corneal nerves and it takes about 6 months for nerve to regenerate..............comment?


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