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Hello weonyc,

I had epi-lasik surgery about a month ago. I had it done in Singapore and I have now returned to Paris where I am working. While my right eye is recovering quite nicely, the vision on my left eye is still quite hazy.

I was worried and I therefore called my doctor in Singapore (four phone calls to get through a firewall of nurses). He strongly believes it is nothing to worry about and that the haze (double vision, more prominent with daylight) will slowly go away ... ...

Well it is very slow and it is stressing me out..... I am worry if the hazy vision is permanent. Fortunately I can function quite well given that my right eye is doing quite well... It would have been a real nightmare if both of my eyes were hazy ... gosh... it is like throwing dice!

I would love to hear about your experiences (and how you have recovered) given that you have your operation done in September. And I love to hear from any others here in the board that might have similar experiences...

Very worried and stressed,


[QUOTE=weonyc;2566628]I had my epi-lasik almost four weeks ago. My vision is slowly getting better...but it is very I understand everyone else's frustration. My doctor told me that it will take a few months for the clarity to improve...he said I can see very close to 20/20...but I find that hard to believe! I started driving after about one week...but still don't feel comfortable to drive at night any great distance. I do have some 'benchmarks' I use to gauge how well I'm doing, and I do see some subtle improvements. I use Pred Forte 4x per day...and will at least until my next appt in early Nov. This really doesn't compare with any of my friends who had the traditional LASIK, whose vision was near perferct in a very short period of time!!! Those contact lenses don't look so bad after all![/QUOTE]
Hey shal70,

apparently you and I had Epi-Lasik surgery about the same date (mine is on 20/03/2007). Let use this board to share our experiences if it is OK with you.

My left eye is giving my double vision and is completely hazy when I step out in the daylight. The doctor says it will improve but it has been a couple of weeks and the vision is still hazy.

Good thing I do not have to drive here in Paris!


[QUOTE=shal70;2899404]yes i am 15 days out from getting surgery and can not believe I cant not see!!! 2-3 days of recovery time is just not right to tell someone!!!! I felt confident with my doctor but am now wondering what is going on. I am so blurry!!!![/QUOTE]
[QUOTE=hem_the_game;3189423]hi everybody...m frm india
i had my epi lasik operation done at 10 aug 2007
b4 i had abt -11 n -9 vision in both eyes..its 20 days since i got operated n vision is still not perfect...its 6/5 dont know wat it means....but its good...doc says that i hv recovered fast...n looking ahead for a sharp vision...god knows how much time more....but operation has changed my life...b4 i cant even see my face in mirror without specs...all credits to my doc..i know everybody is frustated wid slow recovery even i m...but results will be the best for all of us....bye[/QUOTE]
Hey...I had my epilasik done in my right eye on 14th aug 2007...and lasik in my left eye on 21st aug...
left eye became almost completely clear from the very next day...
but the right eye( epilasik one) is still giving hazy vision...
my doctor says it wud take 3 to 6 months for the epilasik eye to stabilise...
can anyone who is "3 months post epilasik" here comment on the same?

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