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Epi-lasik patients are very rare on the internet and the few I've read were thrilled with their results in 2 - 3 weeks. Not me.

I had my left eye corrected for monovision(reading) 7weeks ago and am pleased with those results even though my vision was clearer the first two weeks.

The problem is my right eye which was corrected for distance. I couldn't see two feet right after surgery, was at 20/80 after four days and 20/50 after 1 week. It's now been three weeks and absolutely NO improvement - in fact, it's a little worse. I have an appointment in one and half weeks. I read that by about one month, you should be seeing close to your final vision. Well, this is not a workable distance vision. I teach and need to see the students' facial expressions across the room. 8 feet of clear vision is not my idea of good distance vision, yet people all over these boards say it's great. I'm afraid I'll need to wear my "night driving glasses" all day long at work and then in the car and then to see the TV at home. Basically what I was doing $4,000 ago.

I expected slow improvement, but I've had none for 2 weeks. I expected regression, but my vision was never very good before it regressed. I expected haze, halos and glare and have none. Of course, the clinic says, wait and see, but I think he seriously undercorrected.

Has anyone else had vision this bad, this far out, with no change? mlewis, did yours get better? and how much and when? Obviously, I'm frustrated.

Oh, and I'm shocked that this is legal driving vision. No wonder people are changing lanes and stopping like maniacs. They can't read the road signs until they are right under them!

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