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Still frustrated! It looks like I'm not going to have your good luck.

I had my 2 month visit and I've had absolutely no change since the last visit! Since, I wasn't seeing the surgeon, but a brand new eye doctor, I was getting the "Oh, it's too soon. It could get better. Look how much thinner your glasses are. yak, yak, yak."

I don't think they expect us to do any research. I'm not stupid and I've been checking the boards and no one else has had their eyes completely stabilize at 20/50 for 6 weeks and THEN improve. I got frustrated, burst into tears and that at least got me an actual discussion with the surgeon. He agrees it's probably not going to improve since it's been stable for awhile now. If it was fluctuating or still changing in the "corrected vision," yes, but not with this stability. He considers my eyes pretty well healed. Everything looks great, I'm doing everything right, so on and so on.

So, I need an enhancement. Now, in some respects I lucked out with this healing - no haze, no halos, no glare. My night vision is exactly the same as my day vision. Unfortunately, the next surgery will be PRK since you can't have epilasik twice. PRK has a higher rate of those types of complications so naturally I'm concerned.

I also know now to allow over a week off work per eye. I don't have that time during the school year. He said we can wait until summer for this enhancement if I need to. So, glasses for a year and I have to keep removing them to see within 3-4 feet. He tried to make me feel better by telling me my glasses looked so much cuter now that they are thinner. Does he think I'm thirteen years old? I don't care how the h*** they look.

Thank goodness I read these boards and read about one woman's problem where they re-did her distance eye and she got great distance, but lost all mid-range. She wears glasses to see between 18 inches and 4 or 5 feet. Otherwise, she has to take them off to see. Aaack. So I asked about that. "Oh," he said, "that could happen. Let's try you in a distance correction contact lens and see if it works. if you lose mid-range, then we'll have to correct both eyes for distance and you'll wear reading glasses." He thinks I'll be able to wear contacts now that my astigmatism is less. At the 3 month visit, they will fit me for a contact lens and we'll see how it goes.

While I'm glad to know we're going to be more careful about the level of correction this time, I wonder if he would have suggested the contact trial if I hadn't asked or would he just have gone right ahead with the distance correction. I chose this guy and paid more because I wanted better care than the big chain surgeons would give, but I don't know. This guy is very nice and I think he's an excellent surgeon, but he doesn't seem too good at considering all the possiblilties on his own and he sure as heck doesn't ask the patient enough questions.

Phooey. I'm glad now to have a plan that seems to cover all the options, but still - phooey.

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