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Mlewis - Thank you so much for your reply! I know that having been through it yourself you know how aggravating this lack of information is. I'm one month out from my distance eye and still no change. My near eye is great.

I just saw the doc yesterday and he agreed that nothing has changed, but that I should be patient and, like you, I wanted to punch him in the nose. I thought "what a line to just keep me quiet until I can have an enhancement." In fact, he did start to discuss enhancement timelines - Thanksgiving at the earliest, most likely Christmas. I'm down to FML three times a day. And still restasis. Next appointment in 3 weeks. I also picked up glasses so i can see those students!

I feel so much better having read your post. It sound like you didn't see clearly - and I would also consider 20/25 to be an acceptable level of vision - until the second/third month. Since none of the other kinds of lasik take this long, I seriously wouldn't have believed it until I heard it from someone who actually had epi-lasik.

So thanks for the encouraging news. I hope my eyes also improve over the next 2 months, but for now I'm glad to know it isn't just some line the doctors tell their patients.

Keep posting how you're doing. I'll be interested to see how your vision progesses.

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