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I see that you have mentioned that you still suffer from dry eyes a year later. I am 2 years and nearly 2 weeks post-op and still have some dry eye issues. But, about 6 months ago, I turned a corner and really only have the dry eye issue when I first wake up in the morning.

So, a little lesson I think I learned just today. I have had a cold. Actually, I started a cold December 20th (2006) and it was gone for only about 3-5 days when, bam...I was hit with another one. So, I went to my doc determined to have him give me something to help me get rid of it. What he gave me dried me out. I am not the best at drinking alot of water because, I frankly hate the tast of it. So, I do keep some grape flavored Fruit2o around and try to drink one bottle of it a day. Anyway, I ignored the usual suggestion to drink lots of water with any script cold medicine and, as a result, my skin and my eyes suffered from it. See, for the past 4 or so months, I have noticed that my eyes are great during the day. No dryness! Then, last week, they were so dry and blurry and they had that eyelashy feeling and I figured it had to be the meds the doc gave me for my cold. So, I would drink maybe 2 bottles (16 oz ea.) of water. Still no real help. So, yesterday, I decided to follow the guidelines most health professionals try to drill into people to keep their bodies properly hydrated and I worked on having 8 - 8oz servings of water. I ended up having seven of my 8 and, WA LA! My eyes are much better today. Not perfect but, I have a weeks worth of dehydrating medicine to make up for! And, I woke up this AM with such a mild case of dry eyes that I didn't even need to put drops in. My own tears worked enough magic this AM that, I didn't need any help!

That being said, I should have asked if you are good at drinking the required amount of water each day. If not, give it a shot. I truly believe that our body's level of hydration might be a small factor in the dryness of our eyes if we are prone to suffering from dry eye Post-operatively.

Otherwise, just keep in mind that, it will continue to get better even 2 years later if not sooner for you!

Take care!

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