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Just wanted to let whoever is following this know how I am doing. I am now 5 months post-op and still struggling. My laser doc released me in August with instruction to keep using drops and be patient. Well, that isn't cutting it for me. I had a tough couple of weeks recently and decided to seek out the opinion and care of another opthomologist referred by my primary doctor. I saw her Tuesday and really liked her. I gave her a rundown of my whole routine for trying to stay comfortable and she couldn't believe everything I do everyday. She said my eyes weren't dried out at the time but looked very inflamed. She said i am a perfect candidate for Restasis. So I am taking Lotemax (steroid) drop 4x daily for 2 weeks, then starting Restasis 2x daily and dropping Lotemax to 2x daily and then dropping the Lotemax altogether 2 weeks after that. I will see her again in December to see if I am feeling improvement. We may consider plugs at that time if I am not improved. I am really excited and pray this helps me once and for all. I also started using Refresh Endura last week and it seems to be helping me also.

Thanks to everyone who has posted their experiences and I wish you continued improvement!

Thanks for the reply, Hating Glasses.
I am using the Refresh Endura in the individual vials that is preservative free, but thanks for the heads up. :) I swear the preservative in the Lotemax starts to override the good it is doing. I was feeling better for a few days and then yesterday and today they are being uncomfortable again. I sure wish they would quit putting harsh preservatives in drops that are prescribed for people that are the least likely to be able to tolerate them. :confused: Anyway, I still have another week til I start Restasis and I hope that it goes well.

Glad to hear you aren't having to use the drops very often. That is encouraging! Best wishes for continued healing!


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