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I can't remember how long ago you had your surgery. But, it seems like it was long enough ago that you shouldn't worry too much. If I remember correctly, my surgeon told me to clean my eye lids with Saline (not the solution, the salt and water combination you can get from a pharmacy) for a month then, I could use anything I wanted. My surgery was almost a year and 8 months ago. I finally found the perfect stuff to take your eye makeup off. My brother's girlfriend is a Mary Kay representative. They have this eye makeup remover called something like "Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover". You can literally get it in your eyes (and trust me...I accidentally got a rather large amount of it in my eyes the first time I tried it) and it doesn't sting, hurt, burn or anything painful at all. It blurs your eye a little for a little bit but, it is so gentle that you could practically pour it into your eye and the worst that happens is you get a little blurry for a few minutes. It is great. And, it takes the makeup off wonderfully. It is so gentle that I have no fear of really getting at my lower lash line to get my eye liner off. That is something I have had a problem with ever since before my surgery and have had an even bigger problem with it ever since my surgery. You can just take one of those cotton pad things, put some of the eye makeup remover on it, and gently rub it across your eye lids and lover lashes. I highly recommend getting it. If you don't have a Mary Kay rep, go online to their website and order this stuff. I can't say enough good about it.

As far as my eye makeup, it took me some time before I was able to finally wear more eye makeup. Plus, I had to find the right brands. But, I have been suffering from post-lasik dry eye and, most mascaras, eye shadows and eye liners made it worse. But, over the past month or so, my eyes have gotten much better. I still have a problem with my office causing me discomfort. I was on vacation for a week and had no problems (except for a small stye (sp) in my eye in the middle of the week) so, I know that my office is the culprit. Otherwise, my only remaining issue is the egg shell feeling I have when I first wake up in the AM. But, my eye makeup is no longer an issue. It is really just a matter of finding the brand that doesn't bother your eyes. I use Revlon for shadow, Almay for eye liner, Max Factor (I think) XXL for mascara, and, because I use my blush as another color on my lids, I can't remember if it is cover girl or revlon. But, after a little over a year and a half, I finally have it right! Good luck and take care!
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How long did you wait though??? My doctor said two weeks but like the original poster I am worried about how to take it off. I sell Mary Kay so I will use that but actual removal, any tips?? Rub downward, lightly just the lashes? I am sick of being asked if I am sick or tired because my lashes are blonde and my eyes disappear without a little liner and mascara. I am looking forward to my eye make-up again.

So basically, I am looking for tips on the actual process of make-up removal. I am extremely paranoid about disrupting the lens flap.

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