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I'm new to the boards here. :wave:

I had PRK Surgery done on 08/24/2006 on my left eye. The surgeon recommended I have one eye done first, then the second eye done at a later time. I'm glad I listened to him because I would have been blind as a bat post-op in both eyes.

My history is that:
Left Eye: moderate-to-severe astigmatism and an irregular shaped cornea.
Right Eye: irregular shaped cornea

Surgeon recommened PRK for both eyes, but one eye at a time to allow one eye to heal to a point where I can have my other eye done. The left eye was done first because it was the worst of the both. I am not sure when I will have my right eye done, but it will be several weeks before I decide to have my right eye done.

I still see slight blurriness in my left eye after Day 3 and don't see any improvement yet However, I am hoping from what I read on this message board that within 2 - 3 weeks, I will start to see an improvement. No pain in my eye at all.

Right now I'm wearing eyeglasses with a prescription lens for the right side and a non-prescription lens for the left side. It works well for me, but I am slowly getting used to seeing clear on the right and blurry on the left.

I will update y'all on my progress as time goes by.

To those who had PRK recently - hang in there... time will tell! :)

I have my 1st post-op check up Aug 31st. This will be to remove the "contact lens bandage" I have on my eye. Will post how my visit went here.
I have a question for you all who had PRK. I am almost one year post-op and, when I open my eyes for the first time in the mornings, it feels like I am ripping off a layer of my eyes. I use the Refresh tears throughout the day and Systane gel drops at night before bed. During the summer it was worse, as I had my window open and my fan on (obviously more drying for an eye, but I have to have the fan on). I had my last exam w/the doctor last week and I am seeing some 20/20 in both eyes :) I told him about the pain in the morning (sometimes it's worse than other mornings and sometimes, there is no problem/pain when opening them).
Basically I want to know what your experiences are. Any pain in the AM?


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