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A follow up...I had lasik going on almost 2 years now. I was -3.75 one eye, -3.50 in the other. I came out 20/15 in my left eye, 20/10 in my right. So both came out better than 20/20!

I can still see good, nothings changed, and I suffer from dry eye in the mornings now that the weather is getting cold again. I wake up and they look red/irritated.

My eye doc told me to only use the tears that are single use, because the bottled ones have preservatives that were seeming to irritate my eyes.

I have a lot of sinus/tension headaches ors omething, and sometimes I blame it on my eyes...but if I don't concentrate on my eyes hurting, they are freakin awesome. Sometimes how good I can see is almost fake feeling. Like when I'm in a building 8-10 floors up, and i look out the window my vision is just crazy how good it is.

I just need to get to the bottom of my headaches...if its sinus/tension/migrane/eye surgery causing it from seeing too good and being on a computer all day, or what! Either way I love being able to see SO good.

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