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Your welcome! So far so good. Im about 1 week post surgery and everything seems to be going great, I notice my eyes are occassionally dry and both of them are still a little bloodshot. I go to my check up on Friday and will let everyone know how it goes. The only thing that bothers me so far is at night. My night time vision is great unlike before the surgery I had a hard time driving without glasses because of the lack of vision and also it always seemed so dark out even when it wasnt. Now it is perfect as far as the darkness and my vision but going down the highways is interesting, it seems like everyone has their high beams on . :eek: Its not a big halo, maybe the light extends about 2 feet around the source. Also white, orange and red seem to have the worst effects. Also, it seems like the road signs and road markers have a glare from a distance but from 20 feet or closer the glare completly disappears. This is normal from what I was told and should go away with time. As far as my drops, I am only taking the predisone(steriod drop) 4x a day now and using the systane eye drops occassionally. Oh, I almost forgot, I was given a pair of lightly tinted sunglasses for the daytime however I tried them at night and it almost eliminated a great bit of the halos. Im just grateful that everything turned out the way it did so far and am glad I havent experienced any starbursting around lights. I still would reccommend this surgery to anyone that is dependant on glassses or contacts.

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