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just wanted to let everyone know that I just had the intralase custom lasik performed today and had to say it was a great experience. they did my left eye today and will do the right tomorrow. After reading some of the post on here I was leary and almost called to cancel my appointment a few times. It looked like there were a lot of post about severe pain and discomfort from the suction device. I didnt even feel a thing. Im 29 and before today my vision in my left eye was 20/400, after the procedure it was checked and found to be 20/20. It was a little nerve racking at first so I opted to have a dose of zantex, it didnt seem to calm me down that much (Dr said maybe because of my size, 6'4 240, but it made the time fly by. When I arrived the DR checked my vision and then explained the procedure. after that they put some gel, antibiotics, and numbing drops in my eye. I was taken to the room and the Dr marked a few spots on my eyes for reference points and then fired up the laser to get me accustomed to the sounds, it sounds like little sparks firing. After that I was placed on the table and told to relax while they fitted the vacum device on my eye, it took 2 times because I was told that I was very tense. After it was applied they began suction and my vision slowly faded about 99%. It looked like I was lokking out of a wiffle ball. Then they said to sit still and the laser to cut the flap started, it looked like a dim orange light coming across parts of my vision field. Oh, as far as the suction, there was no real sense of any pressure and it lasted for about 2 minutes. After the flap was cut they told me to shut my eyes until they moved me over to the laser that reshapes your eyes. At this point they put the eye lid holders in and I didnt even feel a thing, after that the Dr told me I might feel a little pressure as she pulled back the flap. It almost looked like it started as one bright circle and as it was removed ten circles and then just blurry vision for about 3-4 minutes. Then i was told to lay still and stare at the laser above me, it began zapping and it only lasted about 30 seconds, but what a smell, almost like burnt hair. After that was completed the flap was repositioned and the doctor began to smooth it out, she did this for about 4 minutes to make sure it was a great fit. Then I got to sit up and was asked to look at the clock and tell her the time. At that point I could tell somewhat of a difference but not major, maybe the meds kicked in. After that it was back to the eye charts for the testing, she even informed me that theres a great chance I will be better than 20/20. I was given 2 different drops that I have to put in, one was a milky type drop (econopred plus)that goes in every hour, and the other drop was Vigamox, that goes in four times a day. I was told once I got home and on the way home to try to get at least 2-3 hours of sleep because this will aid in the healing process. It was nice to read signs from so far away and be able to see license plates and tree leaves. Im very excited about going back tomorrow. I ll keep everyone posted weekly on my progress.

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