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I went for my eye test today and was told that though I have beautifully shaped eyes, I have thin corneas and they are suggesting the PRK surgery.
I was a little blown away by that, I was expecting the Lasik and done in one day. I don't know if I can take a week or two off of work.

But, I am wondering how it has worked for others? I have very bad nearsighted vison and am considering the monovision. I have monovision lens now with my contacts and are good. I have regular vision in my glasses.

Now, I LOVE to read. I read all the time. In bed, at dinner, on the bus, or in the car. I read sometimes with my contacts in or with my glasses on and definately with glasses off and the book next to my nose to see. Can you tell me if I will be reading?

I understand about the slow healing, and I can be patient (though I would love it a lot more to be instantaneous of course) And I heal pretty fast for most things. I don't drive now because of epilepsy so that is not a problem. I am worried about work because I am on a computer for several hours a day. I don't mind taking a week off of work and it seems my insurance will cover little bit of the bill.

Another concern is that I have a bit of dust do to reconstruction in the house and also dogs and dog hair. I am worried about the healing time with irratants.

They didnt suggest the two appt method to me and seemed to think that doing both at once would be okay.

Any thoughts, experiences or tips to share?

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