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I had PRK surgery on 10/23/06. As of now, just one week ago. I went in and had the bandage contacts removed yesterday and they said I am at about 20/40 in both eyes. I was happy!! I know it will only get better....I hope. I have been nearsighted all my life - don't remember when I wasn't wearing glasses. To have 20/40 is really cool.
But, my eyes now are very dry and sight is sort of blurry. I know things are healing, but I have to go back to work. I got a week off wtih no pay (new job, no time off yet) and I can sort of type/use computer. Which is what I do all day at work. But the typing is a bit blurry. I also read a lot of forms and input data from paperwork. I can use my husbands reading glasses to see the paperwork, but not the computer.
I am really wondering if using the reading glasses will hurt or slow down the healing process and the the reaching the 20/20 or 20/15 that my doctor thought I may reach. I am worried about this.
Anyone know?

I am also wondering if there is some preservitive free drops that come in a bottle rather then the individual units and if this is better. I put in the nigiht gel and it makes things soooo blurry in the morning. I am using two or three squeezys to clear things up and then it only is clear for a couple hours. I can't afford that!!! Tell me if there is anything else and please tell me it will get better!!!

I also

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