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I was diagnosed with dry eyes before my LASIK surgery. On a scale of 1-20 with 20 being perfect moisture to the eyes one eye was 9 and the other was 4. A week after surgery I had punctum plugs put in my lower inner tear ducts. Every person has four tear ducts in each eye. Two on the outer side of the eye where tears come out of and two on the inner part of the eye that drain the eyes. I had a soft, tiny plug put in the lower inner ducts. I still use lubrication drops when I'm working because I look at a computer screen all day and that means I usually don't blink as often as I should. On my days off I can definitely feel the difference and don't need the drops at all. You definitely should get tested to see how dry/moist your eyes are before you decide to have LASIK done. I love the results from my LASIK and would recommend it to everyone who is a good candidate to have it done. It was the best money I have ever spent.

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