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I am scheduled for lasik surgery on 11/18/06. I was curious if having dry eyes before surgery will make the dry eyes a lot worse after surgery. That is my only concern about having it done. I appreciate any info on this!
I totally concur with Ghandi! Make sure if you feel you have any symptoms of dry eye now that you are tested by Schirmer's, TBUT, and have them stain your corneas and look at them under a slit lamp to determine the extent of your dryness now before your surgery. If they are showing any clinical signs or if you are having any symptoms then talk with them about whether or not you should have it at all and if so then possibly pre-treating you with Restasis. There is a lot of research out there saying that all potential dry eye patients prior to lasik should be pre-treated in this way. Just make sure you do lots of research beforehand. That is the best advice I can give. I am now 6 months out and have been miserable until recently I did 4 weeks of a steroid drop and have been on Restasis for a few weeks now. I think I am starting to see more good days. Don't underestimate how uncomfortable and miserable having dry eyes can be.

Good luck with whatever you deceide to do!

I can't stress this enough: Yes! And, just to make my point stronger, I don't recall having dry eye before I had Lasik and, my Lasik doc never told me I did. But, I will be 2 years post-op January 19th and, I still have residual dry eye. Mostly first thing in the AM...which still sucks because it is hard to get out of bed to do anything without first dousing my eyes with eye drops. That includes getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. But, before it really started getting better and before it got to the point where I was only really suffering the dry eye occassionally (maybe once a week) throughout the day but mostly over night and first AM, my eyes were really miserable. They get better even now every month. But, 2 years is a really long time and I know my dry eye healing is probably another year or more from being completely done. If it is ever completely done.

Anyway, it is only my opinion but, if you go to your doctor and tell him or her that you suffer from dry eye, whether constant, a few times a day or periodically throughout a week, or month, and he or she gives you the go ahead to do the surgery anyway, you have given your eyes over to a quack. Someone more likely interested in your money than in your eye health. But, as I said, that is only my opinion. Please research it, go get more than one opion about your dry eye condition and, don't jump into this until you are 100% satisfied that you will be ok. I would suggest that you go see your regular eye doc and have him or her run a dry eye test. Tell him or her that you are interested in getting Lasik. They are more likely to be honest with you about your condition because it isn't their pockets that your money for the surgery will be going into.

Ok! Sorry! I am pretty passionate about this. And, my dry eye wasn't/isn't even half as bad as some on this board. So, imagine how passionately they feel about it compared to me!

Take care and keep in touch!
I wanted to weigh in here! My suggestion is for you to have your regular eye doctor do the dry eye test and the reason is that, they have nothing to gain. The Lasik doc has your couple or more thousands of dollars to gain by giving you a false reading if your dry eye test comes back less than great. I was not tested for pre-operative dry eye so, I don't know if I would have passed or failed that test before I had the surgery but, I have suffered from post-operative dry eye for over 2 years now. It is not as bad as it was at first and, I really only have a bad time with it first thing in the AM. I can deal but, it would be so great to not have to put drops in my eyes just to get up in the middle of the night to answer the call of my bladder. Anyway, I sort of believe that the Lasik doctors are in it for the money. That isn't to say that all of them are that way. I believe that there are some out there that work with their patients to make sure that they will have the best outcome and therefore, turn some away due to the potential for dry eye or other post-operative issues that are above and beyond what can be put up with.

Don't get me wrong, my dry issue is not enough for me to regret for even one second my surgery. I love being able to see the computer clear as day, the gas station sign a couple yards away from my exit ramp and the TV without having to squint. Even with glasses, I squinted (is that a word?) all the time. And, now...unless I am having a dry eye day (which still happens now and then) I rarely squint unless I am outside in a very sunny day.

Anyway, the whole point of my post is that you should visit your regular eye doctor and have him or her check you for dry eye. They will tell you if you have it and how severe it is. They really have not as much to lose as your Lasik doc would. You will still have to go see him or her annually. The only thing they won't be getting from you is money for new glasses or contacts. Granted, that is a chunk of change but, not as much as the couple or more thousands of dollars you will be giving to your lasik doc.

Keep in touch!

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