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I totally concur with Ghandi! Make sure if you feel you have any symptoms of dry eye now that you are tested by Schirmer's, TBUT, and have them stain your corneas and look at them under a slit lamp to determine the extent of your dryness now before your surgery. If they are showing any clinical signs or if you are having any symptoms then talk with them about whether or not you should have it at all and if so then possibly pre-treating you with Restasis. There is a lot of research out there saying that all potential dry eye patients prior to lasik should be pre-treated in this way. Just make sure you do lots of research beforehand. That is the best advice I can give. I am now 6 months out and have been miserable until recently I did 4 weeks of a steroid drop and have been on Restasis for a few weeks now. I think I am starting to see more good days. Don't underestimate how uncomfortable and miserable having dry eyes can be.

Good luck with whatever you deceide to do!

I went for my appointment to make sure everything was ok for Saturday surgery. I questioned the dry eyes. They tested them and decided that I need to get control of this problem before getting surgery. I got a prescriptin for restasis. I was disappointed at first but am glad to know before getting surgery. I am going back in two months to see if I can get the dry eyes under control. I am not sure if they ok it if I will do it. They also want me to take flaxseed supplements. Thank you everyone for your posts. I am glad I went to this appointment educated. Who knows what would have happened!
Hi Kuba,

I was put on restasis in November and my eyes were less dry and I was able to get the surgery done on Feb 9th. The dry eye test is just putting strips under your eye and waiting a few minutes and you get the results right away. I had lasik and am back on my restasis now. (they took me off it for two weeks). I really think the restasis is making a big difference. I am not needing the drops as often. Before being on it my eyes started burning a lot and I haven't had that much. I also faithfully put in the artificial tears.
I agree with Hating glasses. I had my lasik surgeon test me but it wouldn't hurt to have your eye doctor check. That would be a neutral person. I went into this knowing I have dry eye and would deal with whatever happened. Dry eye is a tough thing to deal with and I had it before hand so I knew what I was getting in to. Restasis has been helping me but it doesn't work for everyone. My advise it to do all your checking and make your decision after looking into everything. I put off my surgery 2 months and thought it through. I am very happy I did it but if you asked me on a bad (dry eye) day I might give you a different answer. Good luck and keep us posted.


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