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Hi everyone! I had LASIK done exactly two weeks ago and everything is great except for some issues with dry eyes. My right eye is fine most of the time, but my left eye has been dry almost all of the time, to the point where it is uncomfortable. I don't have any pain associated with it, it justs feels dry. I went back to the doctor a few days ago and he prescribed me Restasis. Is anyone else taking this as well? Restasis is a prescription eye drop that is supposed to help your eyes produce more tears. I am wondering if anyone else is taking it, and if so, is it helping? This may be a solution for some others who are also experiencing dry eyes. It is very expensive however. Luckily my insurance covers it but some plans don't, in which case it is about $300 for a months supply. Please reply if you know anything about Restasis and Lasik.
Sorry just realized there is already a thread on this :-)
I've been on Restasis for over 2 months. It seems to be helping a little, but the full effect is usually not realized until after 6 months. I also perform lid scrubs, warm compresses, take doxycycline, flaxseed oil, omega-3 fish oil, and a variety of Chinese herbs prescribed by an OMD (I actually think the herbs are providing more pain relief than any of the allopathic remedies prescribed by conventional doctors).

Restasis does contain cyclosporine, which is an immunosuppressant and has been linked to certain lymphomas when given in high doses to laboratory mice. I just read a study, however, indicating that cyclosporine A may have long-term benefits for dry eye, although for only a very small percentage of the population. In one study, approximately 2-5% of subjects were able to discontinue taking Restasis after one year. Restasis also contains castor oil, which is assumed to be beneficial for dry eyes, but it causes the solution to sting a little when the drop is applied. Refresh Endura drops, which are available over the counter, also contain castor oil and burn similarly. If you want to know what Restasis feels like, try the Refresh Endura drops.

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