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I am now at 5 months post prk. I need to go back in and get checked. I have been doing so well, I have forgotten to.

As for the mornings...yes, my eyes are very dry, especially my right one. I have some packets of eye drops that I used a lot the first 3 or so months. I keep some on my night stand. I have learned to not really open my eyes till I get a drop or so in.

I thought it was the dry heat in my house. I don't notice it at all the rest of the day, but the morning is nasty.

How can I see? I LOVE it. I can see everything around me, I was able to walk in the rain and not wipe my glasses off, I can see so clearly its amazing when I look around. My left eye was 20/20 when they tested me last and I think my right eye is just 20/30 or so. It is not as good as my left.

I do have to use reading glasses for close up reading of books and such. I was told this was because of my age...45 and it a normal thing. I have found that the more I use them, the more I seem to need them, so I try not to, unless it is real fine print.

Have any of you mentioned to the doctor about the morning dry eyes? I wonder. I will gladly suffer this for the beauty of seeing around me.

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