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Water in eyes ok?
Nov 19, 2006
Hello, I had LASIK done on 11/3, so 16 days ago. For the first week I showered with goggles on because I was so paranoid about water even touching my eyes. I have always loved getting in the shower and just sticking my face in the water, but I am a little nervous about this. Is it ok to stick my face in the water like this? I don't open my eyes and afterward I pat my eyes real lightly before opening them. Just wondering if this is ok, and how others go about washing their faces in and out of the shower.

It is ok to get your eyelids wet but, clench your eyes shut really well for about a month I think. What you should be using to clean your lids, lashes and under your eyes is non-preserved saline. Not saline solution as that is preserved and only for contact wearers. The best place to find Saline, if you can't find it in a grocery store as I couldn't, is at the pharmacy in your local hospital. Tell them it is just saline...the same stuff they use to clean out flesh wounds. That will tell them exactly what you need. It is basically just salt and water.
Once you have it, put a little on a cotten ball and gently glide it across your lids. Be careful to keep your eyes shut tight as if you get any in your eyes, I hear it will burn like the devil. You will need to clean your lids with it for the first month. From then on, you can use whatever you used to use.

Take care!
HI Hatinglasses,

My eye doctor never mentioned cleaning my eyes with saline, I guess I should ask him? On another note to the general public, I asked a pharmacist about flax seed oil and its effects on dry eyes and he looked at me like I had two heads. Is there anything published that says flax seed oil can help with dry eyes?

Flax seed oil or fish oils have been researched quite a bit and it is not abnormal at all for your doctor to suggest supplementing them. They are not a guaranteed help but they cannot hurt as they are otherwise healthy for you. Just try a quick Google search and I'm sure you will find alot of info.

Good Luck! :)

As Bostonlover said, Flax seed oil has alot of healthy benefits. Not just for your eyes. And, do a google search. I did once and found a long list of benefits. You wouldn't believe how good Flax seed oil is for you. I used it for a while after my surgery but, I have a tendency to be really bad at taking any medicine on a regular basis so, I stopped taking it long ago. I can't tell you for sure if it did me any good as far as my eyes but, I have heard that it has done a good job for others. So, give it a shot. At the very least, it will improve other areas of your health and, there is nothing bad you can say about that!

Take care!

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