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Hi, although I did not have the same problem as you, I would suggest that you give it some time and try not to panic. I had Lasik 16 days ago and had20/20 vision in both eyes the following day, but for the first week and a half or so I had a hard time seeing the computer screen from normal distance with my left eye. It was very blurry and I had to move my face closer to see it. I use a laptop at home and I had to put it on my lap to see it instead of on the coffee table where it normally is. I was worried that my vision was going to stay that way and it was difficult for me at work during that time because I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. I can now see it no problem and my computer is back on the coffee table. So my point is that my vision my vision did improve over the first couple of weeks. I can't say for certain that your vision will get better, but I know that it is normal for it to fluctuate and also to improve over time once your eyes adjust, and since you are only two days post op your eyes are still healing, much like mine. Give it some time, since it's only been a couple days, and hopefully your vision will improve. Good luck!

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