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I had lasik done in late July of this year. My right eye is perfect but my left eye is not so good. My doctor says it is probably due to the fact that my eyes are so dry. We are all VERY familiar with the dry eye problem after Lasik! I have been doing the flaxseed, drops, etc but things were still a little depressing.
I made an interesting disoverey! I realized that I sleep with my eyes open slightly. This was disturbing new in itself but I realized that this also contributed to my dry eye problem. I bought one of those eye masks (like the ones you use on a plane) and they help me keep my eyes shut during the night. I am also using better liquid gel drops and I can see the improvement.
My left eye vision is still not so hot but better than before. I thought I'd pass on this information as there might be others that sleep with their eyes open too!
Thanks for all your posts. I've been reading since 2 weeks post op and it's great to have people that are going through the same thing. :)

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