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It is one week after i underwent intralase lasik eye surgury. The day after my left eye was a little blurry and my right eye was pretty close to 20/20. But about 2 days after my surgury my right eye began to blur, and it's been blurry ever since. Today at my one week post op, my left eye was straightened out to 20/20, and my right eye could barely read the legal driving line. It is very frusterating on my eye sight, because it feels like there is a big smudge on my right eye.

Is there any chance of this turning around? It seems a little too far gone to me to come back... but i am still hoping... my eye dr. said to wait untill my 1 month post op and we'll get a better idea.

He mentioned enhancement... but after all the stress form the first op, i didn't want to have to go through it again... add to that i'm getting married next year and i simply won't have a week of holidays to take off for it... (i require 1 week off from my job).

He talked about an enhancement in as little as 6 weeks... but in my opinion i would want to wait at least 6 months before considering it.

I've been lucky with dry eyes and don't have much of a problem with it. But my night vision is terrible... i have big halo's and starbursts from headlights...

My initial thoughts were AMAZING... but now that my right eye has regressed so badly... i'm not so amazed and rather dissapointed... is there any chance of this eye coming back? It's been steady in my regressed state for about 5 days now...

oh. and my prescription wasn't strong in my right eye to begin with... only -1.5 or so. My left eye was an astigmatism... so i figured my right eye would have been the better recovery...

Thank you.
I don't know exactly what is going on with your eye. But, I can tell you what went on with mine. It took about 6 months for me to stop being blurry. I wasn't blurry at all hours of the day but, for those first 6 months (I think) I had more blurry times than crisp vision. I have been dealing with the dry eye issue and, I know you said that you aren't having any dry eye issues which may or may not be true as I was told that, even if I wasn't feeling any dryness, that didn't mean that I wasn't somewhat dry. Most of the time, I could feel it but, there were appointments with my reg eye doc where he could see dry spots that I wasn't registering at the time. So, one suggestion I can give you is to use a good non-preserved/preservative free eye drop once every hour or two for a week and see if the blurriness improves even a little bit.

As far as the blurriness goes, it isn't all that unusual in the first months of post-op healing. You will likely experience fluctuations in your vision while they work to stabilize and heal.

So, don't abandon all hope just yet because what you could be experiencing right now, while annoying, may be perfectly normal.

Do get drops if you don't already have them and, if you do have them, increase your usage a bit for a while. As long as they are preservative free, you won't get addicted to them so, no harm no foul. They won't hurt you and can only help.

Take care! Try to relax! Keep in touch!

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