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[QUOTE=onataliya]Hello everybody!

Considering Lasik? Are you lucky not to have it done yet? I know there`ll always be people who will be doing this until they ban this surgery. I often think why they allow this surgery as there`s probably no other surgery out there that is more cruel and deceptive than Lasik. Perfectly healthy people go and get it done and ruin their healthy eyes and happy lives. Your eyes are your life, your soul. Don`t ever let these surgeons ruin it for you. Ask for the consent forms to take home before you get this done, as these doctors will probably not offer them on their own, ask for them the first thing you do when you step into the Lasik office. Read everything they have to say about their surgery and its consequences. That doesn`t stop you? Well, then that`s your choice, at least you`ve had a fair warning which I did not have.
Remember, your life can literally stop for an indefinite amount of time after the surgery. Eyes don`t heal overnight. It may take years! Did you know about this? Are you ready for this? I don`t know anybody who is. They told me it will take 48 hrs to heal! Well, I was willing to wait 2 weeks. But what followed took me completely by surprise!
It took months before I started feeling more or less comfortable. I can deal with it now, but still I`m very unhappy with what I have now. It`s going to be a year soon since the surgery day on December 30, 2005. Some people may get lucky, I don`t know. I know that I can`t do a lot of things comfortably any more 1 year after this surgery. I can`t comfortably go buy myself food, clothes or work. My life has been dramatically changed. My eyes hurt under bright lights and have a lot of red veins in them coming out of where they made a flap, which I didn`t have before the surgery, let alone that the vision is bad, even though they call it 20/20. My right eye was blurry for a year and still smth is going on in it which is not comfortable for me at all.
The truth is nobody can guarantee you anything. They don`t know 100% how your eyes will react to their procedure, eyes are not made of plastic, they are a living tissue, and the outcome is unpredictable.
You can`t put a knife and a laser to the eyes, and expect that smth good will come out of this.
Good if you get a chance to look at the consent forms and have time to think, bad if you don`t. At least you are reading this and know what to do now, this may be the answer to the questions you might have about this surgery.[/QUOTE]
Perhaps you have too negative of an attitude towards everything in your life? Have you thought how your attitude can influence your health or your sight for that matter? In any case if you are happy to see the glass half empty, then stay that way but please for your own good cheer up. Is it really THAT bad? I am scheduled for the procedure in 2 weeks and I KNOW it will go well and I will be very pleased with the results just as 5 of my friends are pleased with theirs. You need to stay positive. Hope you get well really soon.
No, to tell you the truth I`m a very positive person. In fact I often see people preoccupied with things who look unhappy and I never could understand why they would be that way because I never had any problems in my life before this unfortunate surgery. This is my experience, a very shocking one, as I was just like you, very positive about it and could never think this could happen to me. I simply did not beleive it happened, it simply should not have happened! I always considered myself a very lucky person who always got what I wanted in life the way I wanted it.. Yes, it`s bad. And it`s dangerous. [[COLOR="Red"]removed[/COLOR]] See real people talk about it. May be you`ll change your mind.
It`s silly to undergo the risk (as I realize it now), the procedure is not for everyone. It doesn`t matter that your friends are happy with it. I would say it`s 50/50. A Russian Roulette. I read a story where a person had a lot of friends who did it and were happy including her twin sister! And yet when she had it done she was left with a bad dry eye problem. Which is very painful! In other words, the problems are real, they do exist, and if you simply don`t want them to be in your life, the safest way is to avoid this surgery! But we seldom learn from other people`s mistakes, we often need to make our own to understand something, but don`t make it your eyes, they are too important!

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