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I am considering getting LASIK in about a month (Jan 07). Iím 50, Hyperopic (and presbiopic) with astimatism: OD +5.25 - 1.25 X 031; OS +5.25 - 1.75 X 145. (Bifocals +2.00). My K (steepness) reading is around 44. I have went to 4 LASIK surgeons: 2 recommended Clear Lens exchange & no LASIK; 2 recommended LASIK. I researched the web and there does not seem to be many hyperopic patients or they just arenít talking. Iíve been told that LASIK would put my K reading around 49 or so and I would probably need an enhancement. If so, that could cause me to have problems with halos or starbursts or other problems. I plan to post my what I have done and my results. The clear lens exchange procedure also has risks such as halos, rejection, mis-alignment, secondary cataracts, retinal detachment, etc. So as you can see, either procedure can be a risk. Hopefully other hyperopes that had LASIK will see this and comment.

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