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My suggestion is that you save your opinion on the surgery for longer than 3 months. You may be one of the lucky ones that heals within 3 months but, don't be scared or shocked if you are still healing nearly 2 years later. My surgery will have been 2 years ago this Friday and, I would say that I was still healing more than 18 months later. I suffer from dry eye due to my surgery. However, it has gotten considerably better and the only real problem I have now is in the morning when I first wake up. But, for the first at least 18 months, I was still having semi-blurry moments. And, the first year was the worst time for me. Not that it was horrible. But, it was uncomfortable. I felt like I had an eyelash in either or both eyes most of the day. I had to use eye drops on an every hour or 2 basis. Due to the dryness I would be sort of blurry (at first for the first couple hours of the day and then just randomly throughout the day).

So, my best advice is to use lots of drops for the first 3 to 6 months. You may not feel like your eyes are dry but, they probably are. So, even if they feel fine, unless you need them more, I would use drops every hour or 2. It can't hurt. And, your eyes need an immense amount of moisture to heal better and quicker.

So, even if you haven't gotten to a point that you are happy within 3 months, don't be discouraged. I really feel like my fluctuations have stopped since only about 5 or so months ago. It may be less than that. I have tried to pay close attention to my improvements but, at 2 has been tedious and I forget time frames as there have been so many to comment on. If you get bored, click on my board name and go back to see my old posts. That may help you as I have kept up with this board for the entire 2 years.

Take care and try to stay patient!
I think that Lasix surgery is the greatest thing when it works.. When you read all of the paper work in it is states that approximately 1to 2 percent of the people the surgery does not work on.. Well I am one of that percentage and I wish at this point that I would never have had it done.YOUR eyes are very precious.. To begin with,.. the cutting machine that makes a flap on the cornea failed and ripped my cornea., The reason is the suction to hold my eyes open came off while it was cutting the flap... so be sure your eyes sockets are big enough to have the surgery!!!!!!. It took 3 months for that to heal and so I proceeded with the surgery on the other eye.In order to have this surgery I had to have the sides of my eyes slit so that the suction would fit on and not come off... and then had to have 2 stitches,This had to be done on both eyes... About a month after the suregery my eyelid stuck to my cornea pulling off part of the cornea.. and it does thsi quite often even now 7 years after having the surgery.. I have had lots of problems.. the visions is so different in each eye that It is hard to wear glasses..YES The thing I wanted to get away from was wearing glasses.. and now it is worse than ever getting a pair of glasses to fit correctly due to such a differenc in the vision in each eye..I have extremely dry eyes and always will... I am now fighting floaters and flashes of lights most likely caused by the surgery from the lasix I am told... My vision is blurry in one eye So would I recommend this surgery... Like I said I think it is grand just wish it would have worked for me... and I KNOW THAT it does for most people but be very sure that you are willing to take the risk in case you are one of the 1% that it does not work on..

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