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My lasik experience
Jan 15, 2007
Age 51. Male. Wore contacts most of my adult life.

Last prescription for eyeglasses: moderately severe myopia with some astigmatism. -9.00 right eye -6.50 left eye.

Summer 2006: Obtained three opinions and price quotes; was told I was eligible to have lasik surgery.

9/27/2006: Chose LasikPlus to perform the surgery. At the free exam, I was told that I would have an 85% chance of achieving 20/20 vision; at least 97% chance of being able to have an enhancement if needed.

1/04/2007: Lasik surgery both eyes.

1/05/2007: 1st post op exam: could see 20/20 with left eye; not so well with the right eye

1/12/2007: 2nd post op exam: could [U]not[/U] see 20/20 with left eye; could see 20/20 with right eye

1/15/2007: Vision in right eye is still generally better than the left. Possibly still healing in my left eye. May need an enhancement. Next post op exam appointment is on 2/6/2007.

I would like to withhold my overall opinion on lasik surgery until I am three months post op. I will say that colors are more vivid post op than pre op. I like the vision I have now than what I had with contacts or glasses.
05/2/2007 - The optometrist did a pre-op exam for the enhancement surgery; was told to call back in a week to find out when the surgery would be scheduled.

05/11/2007 - Called LasikPlus to find out when the enhancement would take place - was told to come in and be fitted with one contact lens in my right eye to try out the monovision.

05/14/2007 - During the appointment, the optometrist told me that my eyes had intralocular pressure. He showed me the map of my eye taken during the 5/2/2007 pre-op exam. He wrote me a prescription for Alphagan eyedrops, which is a medicine used primarily for glaucoma. He told me to use Alphagan twice a day to see if it relieves the pressure in my eyes. He told me it would take 1 to 4 weeks for Alphagan to take effect.

5/14/2007 - I started using Alphagan, and noticed a slight improvement in my vision. But as of 5/19/2007, my vision still hasn't achieved a desirable result. I will keep using Alphagan until the next follow-up appointment.

I have an appointment on 6/18/2007 for a follow-up. The optometrist told me I would not be on Alphagan longer than 8 weeks. If, after that, my vision has still not achieved a desirable result, they will do the enhancement surgery.

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