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I am now 5 weeks post op. Last Tuesday, the optometrist gave me a prescription for Restasis, due to dry eye. I had been using drops once an hour, on average. He said I should only have to use drops 4 -6 times a day.

Hating glasses - Thank you for your advice and encouragement. Yes, you are right. I should withhold my opinion on the surgery until well over 3 months. With the experiences I have had so far, it is very likely I will still be healing well past the 3 month mark.

toothbrush1 - My vision before surgery was not good. I had moderately severe myopia with some astigmatism. -9.00 right eye -6.50 left eye. I don't know how that would translate into 20/whatever. My vision after surgery was just as I described in my post dated 1-15-2007. However, due to dry eye, I couldn't see the eye chart during a post op exam on 2-6-2007.

By the way, Restasis is not cheap. I had the prescription filled at a local pharmacy using my health care insurance. My co-pay was $30 for a 16 day supply of the drug. Restasis is going to cost me approx. $60 a month until the dry eye goes away.

A co-worker of mine said it takes about a week to see an improvement due to Restasis. Is she right?

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