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I had monovision lasik done yesterday. Just the one eye. The eye that was done had an astigmatism. I realize its too soon to tell anything, but I do have some questions that I hope you can answer for me. I'm curious about your experiences.

I can see very clearly with my corrected eye at a distance of about 6- 7 inches. Its too close to be of any use to me. Anything beyond that distance is a blur. I can't read beyond 7 inches, I cant read my computer screen any more, and everything at a distance is a blur. Things were blurry before, but not this bad. My reading classes don't help at all with reading the computer screen. When driving, I see double images of road signs.

Will the focal length move further away, on its own, to something that will be more realistic and usable? Does the distance vision ever improve at all?

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