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I got it done last Friday (5 days ago). I am very happy with the results. I had dry eye to begin with and have been using restatis for 2 months. I actually feel better with the dry eye since the surgery. I still have to use drops a lot. My only problem is (I actually posted this) that I wake up with my eye lashes crusty and shut and have to put drops in before I can open them. It is probably because I am putting drops in right before I go to sleep.
They gave valium right before the surgery and that took the edge off. I was nervous but just looked at what the outcome would be. For me it was the right thing to do and I am glad I did it. I was use to having dry eyes before so to me it wasn't as big of a deal.
I would make sure you are comfortable with the doctor doing the surgery. I was very comfortable with my dr.
Good luck with your decision.
I had my surgery nearly 2 years and one month ago. Let me give you a little background. I am the type of person who can not handle anyone touching my eyes but me, and even I can freak myself out sometimes. The very thought of having something hold my eye lids open was, and still is enough to send me into a spine tingling tizzy. But, I sucked it up and did it! If you want something bad enough, you can handle most anything. And, the ring isn't on for that long. It is uncomfortable, and, for me, my left eye lid hurt just a little bit because I have very small eyes...especially my left. But, I handled it knowing it would be over soon, taking deep breaths and nearly hugging the head off the stuffed bear they lent me during my procedure. Hehehe!

As for the dry eye situation, it doesn't plague everyone post-op and, even if you are plagued with it for longer than expected, it doesn't mean you will be forever. I am still suffering from it. Mostly in the AM when I first wake up but, since a cold I had a couple weeks ago, after having to take a steriodal anti-biotic which dried the ever loving crud out of my entire body, I am still recuperating so, my eyes are struggling a little throughout the day. But, I am not worried that it will continue. I believe I will eventually get back to where I was before the medicine zapped me of my fluids.

Anyway, if what is holding you back is the fear of the feeling of having your eyes forced to stay open, trust me when I say that if I can handle it, you can.

As for the dry eye issue, one thing I can suggest is that you go see your regular eye doc and have him or her perform a Shirmers test. I think that is what it is called. Just ask him or her to do a proper test of moisture in your eyes. Make sure that you don't already suffer from dry eye. That can make it more likely that you will suffer from dry eye. Not to say that those who didn't have a dry eye issue pre-op never had a problem with it post-op but, it helps if your eyes are already healthy as far as moisture goes. And, my Lasik doc did not test my eyes for moisture pre-op so, I don't know if I was already prone to dry eye issues or not.

Take care and keep in touch with your decision!

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