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Thanks Hating Glasses I will have to look for those drops.

Mrs Magoo I think at first you use the preservative free drops while your eyes are healing and once they are healed you can switch. I open a vial up and use them more than once. They have little covers that screw back on. I wouldn't hold for them for longer than a few hours but you do not need to throw them away after using them once.

I was noticing if I cover my eye that is 20/20 that I can read clearly and then if I cover my 20/30 eye I would need reading glasses. I was shocked after surgery that my eyes got better for reading. I read sometimes doctors will correct one a little less to preserve being able to read and I was curious if it was making a difference for me and it did. I am not sure if my doctor intentionally did this or not. We did not discuss it so I would guess she didn't.

Mrs Magoo you have to keep us posted on what you end up doing if you end up with the surgery and how it goes or if you end up changing your mind. I know that until I was in there getting it done I kept rethinking it. I wish you the best of luck with it!

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