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Can anyone give me any advice. My sister had her surgery in Dec 2006. She can see pretty well out of her right eye but her left not good at all. The left eye is very blurry as if she is always looking through foggy glass and it is like she has a thumb print on her eye. This also get worse as the day goes on. She has tried drops for dry eye and they do not help. The doctor does not have an answer except (may need more healing time). In the mean time she is going crazy and very depressed. Her life has came to a stand still. We are going to another eye doctor the surgeon recommended to see if a they can get her a contact. He is suggesting hard contacts but said it will be a challenge to even get one to work. One doctor did not even think she should wear a contact at this point. We do not know what to do when one doctor says that and another this, but she needs some relief. She has wore contacts most of her life and the hard ones hurt her eyes really bad so she is afraid of them. Has anyone ever had this and did it get better? Has anyone ever had this surgery and wore a contact after?
Tell her that she will probably not really notice that the drops are helping for some time but, it is a good sign that her doc said that he could tell her eyes were dry because, if he isn't seeing any other reason that her eyes are blurry, the dryness is probably the culprit. Our eyes need a ton of moisture to stay healthy and, even though this operation is something that happens quickly and without hospital time, it is a fairly major surgery. There are lucky people in the world who have the surgery with not problems afterwards or, minimum issues that end soon afterwards. Then, there are those of us who are still recovering. This board is littered with those of us who have had one issue or another.

All that being said, comfort your sis by telling her that, as bad as my dry eye induced blurriness and issues are concerned, I have not had even a moment of regret since my surgery.

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