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I couldn't agree more with you. My vision is also 20/15 where it was 20/40 in one eye and 20/60 in the other and I had a large amount of astigmatism. I see better post-lasik than I did with glasses or contacts. I can even put up with the AM dry eye because, I CAN SEE BETTER! Hehehe! I actually have a moment to share about how much better I can see now and the fact that 2 years post-op, I noticed it just the day before yesterday. I was standing out on my neighbors driveway chatting and I noticed that the grass by the edges by her driveway was turning green. I remarked about it and looked 2 houses down from hers at my house and saw that the same greening up of the grass at the edges of my driveway was happening. 2 Years, 2 months and 2 days ago on that day, I would not have been able to see the greening grass on my property. Since Lasik...I can see it and can even make out points of individual blades of grass. I wouldn't have been able to see that with my glasses or contacts. So, I don't care about the fact that I have some residual dry eye first thing in the AM. I will eventually forget that I had about 18 months of fairly dry eye issues throughout most of the days for those first 18 months post-op before I made a good turnaround in my dry eye healing. I believe that I will eventually be free of the first thing in the AM dryness and, if I am not, I will be ok because I can see without glasses or contacts and that was what I wanted in the first place.

Glad to hear you are happy!
Take care!
I am on this board to be a source of comfort to people like DollBaby who, after their surgery had concerns about discomfort or dry eye. Since I have experience with it, I can give comforting words and advice on what the best drops (in my opinion) are. I can tell people that the blurriness that they may be experiencing post-operatively may be simply that they are having some dry eye. I can tell them that the eye takes alot of time to heal and that they can expect sight fluctuations. I can calm their fears based on my experience. I can tell people the best way to clean their eye lids for the first month post-op if it wasn't something their doc suggested. I can tell people what to expect during the surgery from the smell, to the way it feels to the sounds. I have been helpful on this board. Not because I am unhappy or less than "OK" with my surgery. I found help and comfort on this board from before my surgery to afterwards and I want to give back what I got from this board. I am not "OK" with the surgery...I am Thrilled with the surgery. I know that there are people who have had a bad time post-operatively. But, there are people, like me, who have been fine with the results. 20/15 is better than what my docs were trying to do. So, I can't complain! They got an H for Honors as far as a grade from me.

Also, I am on Healthboards for other reasons and come back to this particular "Health Issues" board to keep in touch with others.

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