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Re: Lasik danger!!
Jul 21, 2007
[QUOTE=midnightblue;2840656]I've noticed your other posts here, sorry to hear that you are still having problems, however I don't think it is luck that most people have success from Lasik, it is just bad luck that you didn't.
I'm sure that you were well informed about the risks before your procedure and unfortunately you are in the small minority that experiences difficulties, millions of others have had great success so you can't really call that luck.[/QUOTE]

The wall street journal says that chronic dry eye after lasik is about 5% there are also other studies which shows quite high stats for long term dry eye. and this is only dry eye as a complication, there other comlications suchas halos, bad quality of vision etc. So fine it is still a small minority, but when millions of people get this surgery 5% still seems like alot of people. Most medical surgerys (non cosmetic) complications are alot lower. thats why there are numerous websites dedicated to lasik dangers. Just make an informed decision.

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