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Re: Lasik danger!!
Mar 5, 2007
Is she using eye drops? Believe it or not, your eye can be dry and either she won't feel it as dryness or she won't feel it at all. If she isn't already, tell her to get some preservative free or non-preserved eye drops. My suggestion is Optics Laboratory Minidrops Eye Therapy (if you type that into a search engine you can find out what the box looks like and what stores in your area they sell them). They have been wonderful for me. I am 2 years and 2 months post-op and still have some dry eye first thing in the AM but, for the first 6 months or more after my surgery, my eyes were terribly dry and it did effect my vision by making things blurry. And, they were at their worst at night because they would be really tired. Tell her to try to stay from underneath or above a heat or air conditioning source and fans. Have her get one or two good humidifiers for her home and use drops once an hour or more if needed if she isn't already doing so.

When your eyes are dry, it manifest itself in blurriness. Our eyes need a really large amount of moisture both to function well and to heal well after surgery. Her surgery could be a complete success but, if she has a dry eye issue, she may not see immediate improvement until she gets it under control.

Take care and keep in touch!
I hope this helps!
Re: Lasik danger!!
Mar 8, 2007
I don't know who did Tiger Woods eyes byt my husband to be had Stephen F. Brint in New Orleans do his. Dr. Brint performed the first LASIK procedure in the United States and teaches other doctors as well.

My husband to be could not get the regular Lasik done casue he had toric vision and was legally blind. In one eye he had to few crystals and the other he had floaters in it. Instead of lazering the eye and lifting the flap they had to apply the lasik directly to his eye ball. He sad he could smell his eye ball burning. I believe the correct name of the procedrue was PRK. They applied a clear lense that had to remain in place since they burned off his original one. They removed it in about 3 weeks when his body grew a new lens.

The first 3 days his eyes ached really bad. He had 5 kinds of drops. One was a wetting kind that he had to apply at least every 30 min for a month. Three were different levels of numbing drops depending on how bad his eyes hurt, and the other were steriods. His eyes got better over time but they were not 20/20 until the 4 month.

It's the best thing he every did. He said he'd do it again without any thought. It was $5500 The pain was not like if you hit your hand with a hammer he described it more like an achy feeling inside the back of his eyes. Of course he could not rub his eyes cause that was against the rules. They gave him soft foam goggles to sleep in so he would not rub them. If he did the doctor told him he would go blind. It been a little over a year and still over joyed. Does not need the drops anymore either.

I'm sorry that you have such a bad experience. My dad is 68 and is in the process of getting his eyes done from the Dr. Brint as well.

Re: Lasik danger!!
Jul 21, 2007
[QUOTE=midnightblue;2840656]I've noticed your other posts here, sorry to hear that you are still having problems, however I don't think it is luck that most people have success from Lasik, it is just bad luck that you didn't.
I'm sure that you were well informed about the risks before your procedure and unfortunately you are in the small minority that experiences difficulties, millions of others have had great success so you can't really call that luck.[/QUOTE]

Luck or no luck, I am living a similar horrific experience from Lasik!! I had it done 10 days ago and cannot see to do much of anything. My right eye is blurry constantly and it's puffy when I wake up every morning. My doctor is very well known for his lasik procedure in my area and claims to be the firefighter and police dept. lasik doctor. He was nice at first and then lost interest in me as soon as he got my money and did the procedure. The next day follow-up he said all looked good and told me to wait 2 weeks. It has been the longest two weeks so far! I was impressed to beleive I could drive to the visit the next day and life would be great. So far, this stinks and I am very sorry I did it!! I keep using eye drops often but it doesn't seem to help so far. Maybe there's a reasonable explanation to my troubles and if I had a caring doctor, he would explain it to me but right now I'm very disappointed!!
I'm just hoping I can get glass this week so I can see again and drive and do normal things! Plus, I need to go back to work in a few weeks and I'm really concerned!!
Re: Lasik danger!!
Jul 25, 2007
My boyfriend just had Lasik done a week ago. He's fine and very happy with the results. He followed the steps very carefully with the steroid eye drops every day for a week and the regular moisturizing drops whenever his eyes feel dry. He wore the goggle/ glasses to bed for 4 nights and wore sunglasses for 2 days straight after the procedure.
I also know 3 people at work who had it done and my boyfriend's brother had it done as well and none of them had any problems whatsoever. On my end Lasik still looks like a good idea. Maybe those of you who are experiencing major trouble should get a lawyer, this looks like malpractice.

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