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Re: Lasik danger!!
Mar 5, 2007
Is she using eye drops? Believe it or not, your eye can be dry and either she won't feel it as dryness or she won't feel it at all. If she isn't already, tell her to get some preservative free or non-preserved eye drops. My suggestion is Optics Laboratory Minidrops Eye Therapy (if you type that into a search engine you can find out what the box looks like and what stores in your area they sell them). They have been wonderful for me. I am 2 years and 2 months post-op and still have some dry eye first thing in the AM but, for the first 6 months or more after my surgery, my eyes were terribly dry and it did effect my vision by making things blurry. And, they were at their worst at night because they would be really tired. Tell her to try to stay from underneath or above a heat or air conditioning source and fans. Have her get one or two good humidifiers for her home and use drops once an hour or more if needed if she isn't already doing so.

When your eyes are dry, it manifest itself in blurriness. Our eyes need a really large amount of moisture both to function well and to heal well after surgery. Her surgery could be a complete success but, if she has a dry eye issue, she may not see immediate improvement until she gets it under control.

Take care and keep in touch!
I hope this helps!

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