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Everyone heals at different speeds. It took me a year and a half to see a turn in my healing. I had Lasik not intralase so, I can't be sure that the healing is similar. But, 2 weeks is very soon. A couple things that are supposed to help the healing are a daily vitamin, Flax Seed Oil (capsules or the actual oil either taken directly or put on something like a salad) and drink lots or water. Also, make sure you are well lubricated. Your eyes need tons of moisture to stay healthy. They need even more (I think) to heal. So, make sure you have a non-preserved/preservative free eye drop. I use Optics Minidrops Eye Therapy. If you do a search on them you can find out what the box looks like that they come in (it is blue) and where you can find them in your area. Of all the drops that I tried (and I am 2 years and 4 months post-op) these were the best. Now, given how long post-op I am, please don't get discouraged or think your recovery will be as long. I am just one of those people who takes a long time to heal. And, my issue is dry eye that is really only an annoyance first thing in the AM. However, I have issues during the summer too when the A.C. is running. But, that being said, my vision is great.

So, my suggestion is to try to stay patient. Regardless of how quick and simple the procedure is, this is a surgery and a major one given how small the surface being operated on is. So, it can take some time to heal.

Take care and keep in touch!
wow. you sound SO much like i did post op!

i had lasik (custom intralase) done in december of 2006, and at my next day appointment, i had 20/20 vision and was SO HAPPY!!! by the end of that day though, my vision had gotten way blurry and stayed that way for the next several weeks. i was FREAKING OUT!!! i read and researched everything i could find about lasik and side effects and by the end of the first week, i was absolutely convinced that the flap in my left eye was messed up and that i was going to end up blind!!!

over the next couple of months following my surgery, my right eye healed quickly and was 20/20 by my two week appointment. my left eye though, stayed blurry. i found myself closing my left eye all the time because the fuzzy vision drove me crazy -- DON'T DO THAT! after a couple of weeks, my left eye muscles got all screwed up and i started having these awful eye twitches from it!

anyway, during the second month, my eye doctor told me that my right eye was a little dry, but my left eye was very, VERY dry and that was most likely the main cause of my blurry vision. he told me to use artificial tears at least four times a day if not more. i started doing that, and after a week, started noticing an improvement in my left eye. it cleared up to 20/20 by the third month, and at my 6 month check up, i am happy to report that my vision was 20/12.5 in both eyes!

the best thing to speed up healing is to do all the seemingly pointless and stupid things your doctor told you to do (mine said to wear goggles for a month, and to use artificial tears even when my eyes didn't FEEL dry, and to apply warm compresses at the end of the day...). so, use whatever drops the doctor tells you to use, use artificial tears (preservative free), and be sure give your eyes plenty of rest!

i found that during the first few months, when i stayed on the computer too long, or worked to long writing, or reading, or sewing, especially if i stayed up late doing it, my vision suffered for it the next day!

i had always been under the impression that you'd see 20/20 the next day and stay that way, but i'm learning more and more that it doesn't happen that way!

anyway, hope this helps ease your anxieties. what you're going through sounds very normal, but as with everything health related, if you're worried about it, insist that your doctor check you out! good luck!

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