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I just had Hyperopic or farsighted LASIK last Friday. My pre-LASIK RX was OD +5.25 - 1.25 X 031; OS +5.25 - 1.75 X 145 (Bifocals +2.00). I have worn glasses since I was 7 yrs old. With-out my glasses everything was just a blur. The Dr. used the Alcon LADAR system. My treatment was standard and not custom due to my RX being outside the FDA approved range for custom treatment.
Once it was over they led me out to the examining room where I waited about 10 minutes for the Dr. The first thing I noticed after a few minutes was that I could see and read the "ALCON" logo on the side of one of the pieces of equipment about 3 feet away. It was a little hazy but clear other than that (it would have been a blur before). The Dr. came in, checked my eyes again with a bright light and gave me my marching orders of what to and not to do for the weekend until I go back in on Monday for my first post-LASIK follow-up exam.
I've been using all the various drops as directed and the Systaine lubricants about every two hours. My eyes haven't felt abnormally dry but from everything I've read, the more the better on the eye lubricant drops. I can see extremely clear from about a foot to about 10 feet. My distance past that is a little fuzzy to blurry the further you get. I can drive with no problems. Large objects like vehicles, motorcycles are still pretty clear, just not their liscense plates. My night driving is ok too. The headlights have a little glare but then they did with my glasses too. No halos or starbursts yet. I know I have possibly 6 months or longer of healing where my eyes will fluctuate to some degree. So I know it is too soon to say I'm totally satisfied but the beginning is quite amazing to me. If I had to guess where I'm at right now, I'd say 20/40 with just a slight bit of astigmatism left. I'll post again after my check up on Monday.:wave:

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