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[QUOTE=byHizgrc;3052212]What's IMO?

Personally, I don't care about dry eye b/c I've had it for years. It's usually mild to moderate but sometimes severe. I'd rather have bad dry eye forever then deal with what I have to deal w/ now.[/QUOTE]

I dont know what you have to deal with now. But I have severe dry eye, not brought on by lasik, but when it is severe it can be very deliberating and having dry eye pre surgery means you at a higher risk of getting severe dry eye after. sometimes it can be so bad that people have to wear goggles all day long, cormeal erosions, eyes become red. that sort of thing. Im not trying to scare but dont under estimate how bad dry eyes can get.

and i would rather go back to my contact intolerant dry eyes (mild) anyday, and wear glasses than what they are now.

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