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Finally done! Geez, this place was so busy with people in and out. It was like that on the day of the pre-op work up too. They have these wonderful spreads of food for everyone at all times. I'm gonna take advantage today at my post-op check up. :D
It has a great reputation, but I felt like it was just an assembly line of surgeries..."next, next, next" get em in and get em to speak. There was at least 5 of us waiting in t he waiting room and then four of us prepped in the back lounge waiting for our turn to get done. It was a strange experience and I kept flinching when he was brushing my eye ball. I guess I was a little jumpy even though I was on valium. I'm glad it's over and I can see crisp *today*.

I expect fluctuations over the next few months. My right eye is sore today, much like a sinus headache. I took an advil.
We'll see how things progress but I'm hopeful!

No, I didn't have any kind of halos or anything beforehand. I'm curious to see what this evening looks like. Last night I never opened my eyes the whole ride home (1hr) and went straight to bed.

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