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Hi again, well I start the day with a ton of drops. My eyes feel like my lids are stuck to them in the am. I have been using Refresh Tears and Refresh Dry Eye Therapy. I may have had dry eyes previously, but was never bothered by it like I am now. I am constantly putting drops in, it feels really good and I can see really well for a short time afterwards. I have trouble with both near and far items, but only with the bad eye. So I sometimes find myself covering the bad eye just to make it thru when I am really tired. Yeah, I am little afraid of driving in places I don't recognize and the night vision is full of halos, but again only in the 20/40 eye. I don't have the patience to wait for this recovery - it doesn't feel like it's getting better, but at least I don't feel that it is getting worse.
Hello Goba,
Good to see you again and I am glad to hear the past couple months have gotten better for you. I am glad to hear that I was helpful for you! I hope you keep in touch!

dsquared and dan-girls,
I know the two words "Be Patient" are probably your two least favorites words in the world right now but, you really are very early on in your recoveries. You will fluctuate alot for a bit and, you will notice it more as the day wears on because your eyes are working extra hard to heal right now so they get tired pretty easy.

I have an eye drop recommendation for you. I am about 2 years and nearly 5 months post op and suffer from first thing in the morning eye dryness. I don't know if I will ever not have this problem and, while it is a bit daunting to think I might have to use drops every morning for the rest of my life, my results are worth the minor annoyance in the AM so, I will deal with it! Anyway, in nearly 2 and a half years, you can imagine that I have tried lots of different drops. I can't promise that the drops that work for me will be as great for you but, I can recommend them! The are called Optics Laboratory MiniDrops Eye Therapy and if you do a search on them as I have typed it you can see what the box looks like and perhaps find out where you can find them in your area. They are preservative free/non-preserved which is very important as the preservatives in some drops can and will irritate your already sensitive eyes. And, whatever drops you use must say that they are preservative free or non-preserved on the packaging. I can't remember if the drops Refresh ones are but, I do remember that those drops made me worse for some reason. It could just have been me. Who knows? Anyway, I really like the MiniDrops because they have been great for me for what seems like a very long time now.

So, one thing I want to say is that I hope that the fact that I am still suffering from dry eye does not discourage you. Most people end up healing around the 18 month mark if not sooner. I am just one of those in the world that didn't get lucky as far as the no dry eye issue. It happens and I don't regret my surgery for one minute.

Take heart! Your fluctuations and dryness issues are nothing out of the ordinary!

Keep in touch and take care!
Hi Hating Glasses, I see you are a Sr. Veteran out here. You have the patience of a saint. Thank you so much for your response. But it is not the dry eyes that is making me crazy, but the fact that one eye is totally 20/20 and the other is 20/40 or worse. The doc consoles me by saying that my prescription was very high -8.5 each eye and that requires a ton of healing. I guess seeing that darn "Extreme Makeover" show and all of those people going straight from surgery to seeing a clear eye chart was completely misleading. I should know better my husband is in the entertainment industry and he says a lot of credit goes to the Editors of these shows - when there is probably a month or more between surgery and the eye chart that gets clipped out and "bam" miracles occur in minutes before your eyes. It is very frustrating and I find myself closing or covering the bad eye to help me thru my day. Today has been bad again, headaches, starbursts, blurriness, in just one eye! I was so excited yesterday was a great day, ARGH!

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