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[QUOTE=dan-girls;2983836]Hi I am 3 weeks post op custom lasik 9.50 and 10 one week followup was
20/20 right and 20/40 left. Questions I did not suffer dry eyes before the procedure how many times a day are you suppose to use the eye drops? What is the healing time also? I am a little better with my vision. Does anybody see better at first when they put the eye drops in? Does your vision get better? I am a little nervous!!!! HELP HELP[/QUOTE]

Hi. Congrats on your surgery! The general rule with the eye drops after surgery is the more the merrier. I know myself for the first few weeks after surgery I was using eye drops several times an hour. My vision would fluctuate a lot the first few weeks because my eyes were really dry and also because when I put the eye drops in it made my vision a little blurry. I was never diagnosed with dry eye prior to surgery, but I wore contacts and my eyes constantly felt dry and uncomfortable. I had bad dry eye for the first few weeks after surgery and then my eye surgeon put me on Restasis. I had my surgery in November of 2006 and I am still on Restasis but my eyes feel wonderful and my vision is fantastic! I do not have dry eyes anymore, only about once a day do they feel dry and then I put a drop in each eye and they are fine. So what you're experiencing is normal and if you have dry eyes now you could have them for a few months but your eyes take time to heal so it is normal. My vision got better and better over the course of the past few months and at my last checkup I was better than 20/20 in both eyes. I think I see a little better out of my left eye, which is funny because that's the one that bothered me more initially. But to answer your question in a long winded way, relax, what you're experiencing is normal.

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