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[QUOTE=Hating glasses;3002430]Your vision is still fluctuating right now. You are only 1 month post op. My vision fluctuated for a year and a half post lasik. Consider the fact that you said that your vision is better in the morning and then gets worse throughout the day. That is because of a couple of things. You are still healing which means that your eyes will wear themselves out and then you will wear them out as you work, read, use the computer and just basically live. As long as your eyes are open, you are progressively working them into exhaustion by the end of the day while they are healing.

Also, even if it doesn't feel like they are dry, they probably are. You must use your eye drops perhaps every one or 2 hours because they need a ton of moisture normally and while they are healing, they use and need even more moisture. Even though they may not feel dry, they likely are. The blurriness could be a sign of dryness that you just aren't feeling.

Try to be patient. I know it is difficult and annoying but, you really are very early on post-op and in the healing process.

Take care and keep in touch![/QUOTE]

Hunting,I was just reading around and have always been interested in lasik eye surgery as a alternative for my mother other then wearing glasses.

I have read that you have been healing for 2 years?I was wondering are you sure that you are "still" healing?I'm quite afraid of doing anything that could actually harm anyone.I'm convince that you might have develop some sort of complication.

This is a quote that I got from a site

"At any time following your surgery, you should notify your surgeon if you experience any complications, such as halos, double-vision, or glares. Each of these is a sign that your eyes are healing improperly or that something went wrong with the procedure. In either cases, early detection and action can prevent permanent damage and will get you on the road to recovery quickly"
My only problem is the dry eye in the morning and occasionally throughout the day now and then. I don't have glare, halos or double vision. I go see my regular eye doctor once a year now and he is pleased with what he sees. My next visit with him will be in September. Basically, I am just one of those people who now suffers from dry eyes as a result of the surgery. I don't know if that will ever stop. I certainly hope it will someday. But, my vision is great. 20/15 which is better than 20/20. The weird thing is that when I am home during the weekends, the dry eye issue is nearly gone. I am comfortable all day and even wake up most mornings without the need of the drops. It seems to be an environmental thing for me at work that can make my eyes uncomfortable.

Anyway, my eyes are healthy except for the first thing in the morning dry eye issue.

Thank you for your concern. I appreciate the info you provided.

As far as your mom, there are always risks involved with the surgery. It is up to the person as to whether they want to take that risk. But first, you have to find out whether your mom is a good candidate for the surgery as she may not be. I support this surgery and if asked, I always tell people to get tested for candidacy and then make the decision. I recommend it. It has changed my life for the better, even with the dry eye issues in the morning.

Take care and keep in touch with your decision!

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