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Hi I am 6 weeks post op custom lasik 9.50 and 10.00 now 20/20 20/25 When I wake up in the morning my vision is clearer. As the days goes on the vision go down alittle. Question is when I use my refresh plus eye drops my vision will be better for a minute or two then go back. Is this normal and will this be my final vision when all is said and done??????

I had lasik 6 years ago so it's a little hard to remember what the recovery period was like. I do know that I used the eye drops for as long as prescibed to combat the dryness that accompanied the surgery. I do remember that it took a few months for my eyes to "stabilize". I had periods and days when my vision would deteriorate. It wasn't horrible, but definitely noticeable. But, it did stabilize ( I think at 20/25 ) and I've had no problems since. It's always good to give the doctor a call if you need some reassurance.


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