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-2.25 is not a big correction. If I were you I'd consider a surface treatment, ie. Lasek, Epi-Lasik, or PRK. They all do pretty much the same thing, except PRK will hurt you the most for the week following the surgery.

Lasik is great for large corrections because it doesn't prokove a wound response in the cornea. But with a correction like yours you wouldn't be a candidate for corneal haze. Lasik it compromises the structural inegrity of the cornea and there are more things that can go wrong.

my 2 cents :)
[QUOTE=zadaw;3060944]I agree that there is a movement by opthalmic surgeons towards surface procedures rather than LASIK because of fears over long term safety. However, beside haze, the results achieved by surface procedures are still less predictable than LASIK. [/QUOTE]

for large refractive errors, I agree. but for anything less than -6.0, the surgeon performing a surface treatment has 20 years of medical data to draw on. For minor corrections surface treatments are safer and as predictable as keratomilleusis.

Also, successful Lasek especially is far less dependant on surgical skill than Lasik. Worst case scenario, the surgeon fails to remove the epithelium effectively, and the procedure becomes standard PRK. Which involves the same operation of the laser as Lasik prodedures.

Surface treatments hurt more, there's no doubt. And you will take 1-4 weeks to get back to normal vision. But for a small correction, they're safer.

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