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PRK/Lasik Update
Jun 21, 2007
Had my 4 week appointment, no good news.

Lasik eye -1.25 20/50 (total disaster - will need glasses and "cornea probably too thin for enhancement"). Was -4.25 prior to surgery and was -.25 the day after surgery but rapidly regressed over the next 5 days to -1.25.

PRK eye regressed from -.75 blurry 2 weeks ago to -1.00 blurry 1 week ago to -1.25 blurry today (20/80). Doc said to stay on steroids 4 times a day 3 more weeks. No scarring on stronum, but epi is still bumpy. Gave me the obligatory "give it more time". Was -4.25 prior to surgery.

I pick up my prescription sunglasses at wal-mart tommorow. -1.25 both eyes.

I never would have had surgery if I knew this was going to be the results.

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