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I cannot tell i'm 100% satisfied 6 months after i had wavefront lasik surgery. I actually started to see floaters 4 months after the day of my surgery but i surprised my self today by forgetting about those floaters after driving my car whole day! In the morning i tend to see them better but i have to admit it's true the brain tune them out with time!

So don't mind about all i said i'm still healing...btw i my acuity is 20/15!

Do you think you will have to do extreme activity including contact, i mean that you risk to receive a hits in your eyes?and do you think you can take one or two weeks vacation for the surgery? If you think so go with a surgery without creating flap like PRK others kind of surgery...

...and make sure you don't already have dry eye problem before to do any kind of surgery.

If i never had the lasik surgery, with all the information i know now i would go for PRK for sure.;) Martin.

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