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Everyone's eyes are better after the surgery. You have gone from -7.00 (20/2000) before surgery to -1.00 (20/40) after surgery so your eyes are much better. However, you and I are amoung the unfortunate 15% who have not improved enough to see 20/20 uncorrected after the surgery. So you either have to get glasses (at much lower prescription than before) or you have to get an enhancement done to get you to 20/20. However, doctors will make you wait at least 3 months to get the enhancement done and they won't do it if you have too little conrneal tissue left or if you are better than 20/40 at 3 months. So for the next 3 months minimum you have to live in blurryville or get glasses.

Most people (85%) get excellent results from Lasik and never bother to visit web sites like this. It seems everyone has problems, that is because people come to sites like this only when they have less than sastisfactory results.

By the way, your doctor and everyone on here will keep telling you "to give it more time" but with Lasik, if you aren't 20/20 by the end of week one, you will not be. PRK takes much longer, but you had Lasik. Also, look for the doctor to tell you that you are "20/20" but you know you don't see as well as you did with glasses before. Therefore, ask him to tell you what your refraction is, i.e. -1.00, etc, they can't lie about that. A lot of doctors tell you "20/20" and that "you are doing great" in the hope you will go away.

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